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Image produced by Ex Machina.

The first image from the intro movie for Divine Divinity - the game produced by Larian Studios. The Intro movie for this game is produced by the studio from France - Ex Machina. This is yet another example of tight integration between 3ds max and WorldBuilder
Image produced by Ex Machina.

Still images from the 'Gaumont' featured animation currently in production at the studio from France - Ex Machina. Our big thanks to Philippe Moebius for sharing these beautiful images with us.
Image produced by Digital Blasphemy.
First Rays by Ryan Bliss.

You'll find many more examples of Ryan's artwork here:
Image produced by Shifted Reality.
Oaks and Willows by Juergen Eilts. Juergen has a beautiful site with many more interesting renderings!
Images produced by BlomMedia.

Some great examples of Alfons' work with WorldBuilder. He is one of our great artists and you can find many more projects on his website.

He is the moderator of our gallery at