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Image produced by Digital Element Inc.
A nice example of different kinds of flowers in WorldBuilder.

Image produced by Digital Element Inc.
Californian landscape.
Image produced by Digital Element Iinc.

Example of integration between WorldBuilder and Maya. Convenient import of animated Maya meshes and cameras, advanced Z-Buffer composer and shadow mask recorder...
Image produced by Digital Element Iinc.

A tree from a new library of plants (Plants thematic library 2). The tree uses Compound Material extensively - for patches of moss on the trunk and for foliage with complex photometry.
Image produced by Digital Element Inc.
Park Trail.

There are four light sources in the scene: yellow-orange sun, slightly blue ambient and parallel light from sky, and greenish back light. The Sky and Sun lights have shadow maps. Tree trunks use a compound material that mixes moss and lichen into regular bark texture. The foliage also uses a compound material, that makes leaves 'shine through' when they are not in a shadow. The trail is colored by a compound material as well. Finally, there is a layered two color fog that adds some depth to the tree crowns.
Image produced by Digital Element Inc.
Wysteria model for Poser by Mehndi imported into WorldBuilder directly from a pzr file. The final rendering was done in 5250x3500 resolution with Production rendering. Maximum memory used 900Mb during rendering. The scene has 5 light sources with soft aa-buffered shadows.

The WorldBuilder scene was created by Igor Borovikov.
Image produced by Digital Element Inc.
A great example of poser integration inside WorldBuilder.

Image created by Anna Butina.
Image produced by EMECSTUDIOS NV.
An interesting animation of a camera flying through a grass field over a water surface...almost everything can be animated in WorldBuilder.

Created by Davy Beunckens,
Image produced by Digital Blasphemy.
Sunset fog by Ryan Bliss.

'This image was inspired by the Viejas Fire that hit the Alpine, CA area early in 2001. Winds on the first day blew the smoke out to sea, resulting in an eerie blood-red sunset. This midwestern farmboy had never seen anything like it. I've tried to replicate that sky here.'
For a higher resolution version of this picture as well as many other WorldBuilder images and animations visit
Digital Blasphemy at www.digitalblasphemy.com
Image produced by Digital Blasphemy.
Glenwood and Sky Song by Ryan Bliss.

'Glenwood. The trees are Adlers with a custom leaf texture & clip map. I've found that trees with polygonal leaves work better for volumetric lights than the trees with airbrush leaves. When creating volumetric lights I first try to generate as large a shadow map as possible with the volumetric light filter disabled. Once the render is complete I 'Step Forward' and add the volumetric filter. The first thing I do is crank the media density to around 10 and do a quick test render with low quality settings. The high media density really brings out the details in the light filter and makes it easy to see if the light angle needs to be adjusted. If the angle is okay, I'll then adjust the media density and the color settings as necessary and do test renders until I like what I see. Changing the light angle means I've to re-render the shadow map, so I like to get it right the first time.'

Ryan Bliss
Digital Blasphemy

You'll find many more examples of Ryan's artwork at