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Creating Rivers in WorldBuilder 4: Getting Started

In this tutorial, we will be working with the River feature in WorldBuilder 4.

Note: If you are using WorldBuilder Pro or WorldBuilder Genesis, you will be able to save project files and rendered images, and you will also be able to create animations. If you are using the downloadable demo of WorldBuilder 4 you will not be able to save files, but you can download the sample files that accompany this tutorial.

Let’s begin our tutorial.

Add a Landscape. Draw at least one skeleton Line. You’ll need four eventually. You could draw four individually, one right after the other, right next to one another.

Or, as an alternative, you can copy the first Skeleton Line three times, and then move, scale, rotate and Node-edit the copies so that you have two riverbanks and two river bottoms. Note that the Skeleton Lines used in the example files have been renamed to reflect the way in which they are being used.

Note: Some of the elements in the scene shown were hidden for clarity; your scene (or the sample scene file) will probably appear differently.

Now drop the two riverbottom Skeleton Lines down below the Landscape. Make their Z-placement about… -4.5

Don’t add a river object yet.


Render the landscape with its new Skeleton Lines, so we can see the riverbed without the water in it, first.

The scene incorporates an Area with Scattered vegetation. While it might be cool to have trees half-submerged in this torrent, it’s beyond the purpose of this tutorial.

Use the Placement Conditions property to limit the Height Range in which our forest will appear.

Disable Ignore All, and change the following parameters: Max Height = 40, Min Height = -0.5.

Render the scene again. Notice how the trees have vacated their place in the riverbed. By using Placement Conditions we specified the vertical range in which they would be allowed to ‘grow’. Below –0.5 meters (the lowest point on the ground above the river bank, the trees simply will not be placed.

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