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This page is designed for the new and experienced AWB user. It provides important resources to help you design your projects. Come back often as it will be updated continuously.

Also, please check the Links section of our site for more useful stuff available online.

These are examples of the high resolution textures included in the package with WorldBuilder 3.0.

Click on the images to get the full texture.

This is an additional library of flipboards (219kb).

This library is part of WorldBuilder 3.0 package. It's also compatible with the version 2.x

Includes 30 pieces of trees and stones. Also download maps addflips_1.zip(2.2Mb), addflips_2.zip(2Mb), addflips_3.zip (2.3Mb) and put them in the place available by redirection(check the File/Preferences/Redirection Page). You can also add this library into the main menu - check the File/Prefernces/Library page.

Flipboard images were provided by Dwayne Jensen http://www3.bc.sympatico.ca/ddj