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Poser support in WorldBuilder 3.1

Currently there are 2 plug-ins available for WorldBuilder that work with the data provided by Poser. Here is the description of these plug-ins:

Poser Pro Pack plug-in

Package content:

  • Poser Pro Pack plug-in
  • plug-in documentation

Digital Element is proud to present Poser Pro Pack plug-in for WorldBuilder. Pose characters in super-realistic 3D environments, export to movies and still images! Your architecture scenes, hobby products and presentations can now be populated with Poser characters. This plug-in is available as a free download for current version of WorldBuilder.


  • Poser Pro Pack should be installed on your system
  • WorldBuilder 3.1 Professional or Standard editions.


  • Direct import of *.pz3 files
  • Fully supported Poser models animation
  • Editing of Poser model materials inside AWB
  • Scaling of Poser animation inside AWB
  • Support for Poser scene hierarchy
  • Automatic coordinate system conversion
  • Automatic scaling during import
  • Interaction of Poser models with WorldBuilder water objects. See sample animation below.
  • Convinient use of Poser models in combination with our 3ds max communication plug-in (Pro version of WorldBuilder required)

    Documentation and Tutorial

Click on the image below to see the animation sample. Requires DivX 4 codec installed on your system.
Click on any of the thumbnails below to look at the images of scenes created using WorldBuilder and Poser.

Poser OBJ sequence plug-in

This plug-in is part of WorldBuilder 3.1 installation and is included in both WorldBuilder Pro and Standard versions.

This plug-in allows you to import the animated Poser models exported from Poser as a sequence of the OBJ files. The complete description of it's functionality you can find HERE This plug-in works with Poser 4 and doesn't require Poser Pro Pack.