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Want to know
more about WorldBuilder Technology?

WorldBuilder Pro™ 4, a stand-alone scene builder and renderer with unsurpassed compatibly with Max, Maya, LightWave, and SoftImage, is the premier tool for laying out and rendering 3D outdoor environments.

Building on a decade of experience in 3D terrain generation, Digital Element’s WorldBuilder Pro 4 combines all of the features of WorldBuilder 3 with great new features, a streamlined interface, and a full manual with improved support. WorldBuilder is still one of the only commercial products that allows users to render scenes that could be millions of polygons.

Why WorldBuilder?

If you are a professional 3D artist, or you want a 3D art tool that has professional power, your best option is WorldBuilder. WorldBuilder’s professional interface is streamlined for productivity and control. Underneath its professional interface, WorldBuilder offers you uncompromising power and control.

WorldBuilder Pro ships with more plants included than any other terrain generation tool. WorldBuilder’s Verdant and L-system plants and rocks are not static, which means you have endless plant and tree variations.

WorldBuilder was the first software package to offer automatic composite rendering and with WorldBuilder Pro’s 3ds max support and the Rosetta plugins for LightWave, 3ds max, and Maya, you have more instant compatibility with most major general modeling and rendering packages. Use the Rosetta Plugins to composite scenes together with other packages during render time, sharing lighting, shadows, cameras, and more.

WorldBuilder supports import/export of most standard 2D and 3D file formats, including USGS, Vista Pro, custom formats for Lightwave and Maya.

What is New in WorldBuilder 4?
  WorldBuilder 4’s Key New Features Include:
  • Streamlined Interface
  • Grayscale Editor builds elevation data.
  • Materials Editor
  • Full printed manuals and tutorials

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