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Decamber 24, 2004. New WorldBuilder 4 Tutorials are available

September 22, 2004. CG Focus reviews WorldBuilder

August 13, 2004. Updated Poser Plugin is available

June 4, 2004. Digital Element Ships WorldBuilder Pro™ 4.0 in July

EMECSTUDIOS And Digital Element Team Together To Add Features, Redesign Interface, Improve Usability and Documentation

January 5, 2004. Check out the complete new WorldBuilder gallery

December 11, 2003. Latest update WorldBuilder 3.6 and WorldBuilder 3.6 Pro available for download

List of new features:
1. Shadows from Cumulonimbus type of clouds.
2. Distribution of Cumulonimbus in Areas along skeletons.
3. Moon object as a new Compound Sky Layer.
4. Opening the camera's viewport by double-clicking on the Camera in the Object Tree.
5. 3ds max v.6 support
6. Some bugs fixed

Since version 3.6 the WorldBuilder Pro installation package includes the Rosetta plug-in for WorldBuilder (CommObject.bem). Note: to perform communication with other 3D-package(s) using Rosetta you also need corresponding plug-in(s) for this package(s).

December 2, 2003. Digital Element Announces WorldBuilder™ 3.6, Strategic Partnership, and Significant Price Reduction. Free Upgrade for 3.5 Users, WorldBuilder Pro Now $499.

December 1, 2003 "We are happy to provide this great package in collaboration with Digital Element to our readers."

J.-E. Burkert (Editor Grafik&Video)

October 6, 2003. The November Issue of 3D World features a full copy of the 3-year-old, but still going strong, WorldBuilder 2.3. Also check out the new WorldBuilder 2.3 tutorial in 3D World.

WorldBuilder Featured in 3D World! Try WorldBuilder 2.3 through 3D World today -- also featuring a new tutorial by Liz Birdsong.

'We're very happy to be working with Digital Element. WorldBuilder 2.3 will be of great value to many of our readers, and we're glad to have been able to include a full copy on our cover CD.'

Jim Thacker, 3D World

July 28, 2003. Liam Kemp recently completed an animated short entitled 'This Wonderful Life' in which I used World Builder to create the landscape and trees. The movie has been selected for this year's Siggraph and nominated for the 3DAwards in Copenhagen.

“I found World Builder to be the best program for creating landscapes and trees. Being able to render a forest, grass and water all in one pass at such high quality was a blessing.” – Liam Kemp

For more information, check out www.this-wonderful-life.com

July 23, 2003. Digit Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Issue Devoted to WorldBuilder

“WorldBuilder provides everything you need to model, texture, light and animate any 3D world you can imagine.”

July 22, 2003.
PC Review Online Reviews WorldBuilder

Unlike other 3D landscape creation packages WorldBuilder Pro creates terrains in a very unique way. It is very different from any program I have ever seen before and once you understand it, I think you will agree it is a brilliant way of doing it.

July 9, 2003.
AAUG Review - VERDANT 1.0 - Software

"What the user really needs to see is the amazing detail in the object when fully rendered. And this really must be seen to be appreciated. The additional lighting controls, and grouping controls allows a virtually unlimited number of other effects to be applied at ease."

Randy Brandon, Alaska Apple User's Group

July 3, 2003.
Digital Element Announces Release of Aurora 2™

3D Nature Effect Plug-in for Photoshop

OAKLAND, CA (June 26th, 2003) Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools, announced today the release of Aurora 2 for Photoshop, the sequel to Digital Element’s 4 ½ star plug-in for Photoshop.

Read full press release.

May 10, 2003.
Digital Element Announces Two New Rosetta Communications Plug-ins™

Rosetta Plug-ins for 3ds max and Maya to be Released on May 16th

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 10th, 2003) from Booth 2855 at the National Convention of the American Institute for Architects, of Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools, announced the May16th release of two new Rosetta Communications packages for the popular 3D modeling and rendering tools 3ds max and Maya.

Read full press release.

May 8, 2003.
Digital Element Announces Release of Verdant™

A Plug-in that Creates 3D Plants and Trees for Photoshop

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 8th, 2003) from Booth 2855 at the National Convention of the American Institute for Architects, Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools, announced today the release of Verdant for Photoshop, a revolutionary Photoshop plug-in that creates 3D plants and trees, with shadows, in Photoshop...

Read full press release.

April 24, 2003. Check out CG Focus's review of WorldBuilder at http://www.cgfocus.com

February 12, 2003. A Valentine for you from Digital Element!

New Manual for WB 3.2+, New Update for WB and WB Pro 3.5

Our new WorldBuilder documentation is available here. Along with a new Reference manual, we now have revised Training documentation as well as tutorials. We recommend all users go here now to download our new reference manual, training manual, and our revised tutorials. We want you to have this manual, we want you to use it, and we want your feedback!

The update for WorldBuilder and Worldbuilder Pro is a free update for 3.5 users. We recommend that all WB 3.5 users upgrade to 3.55. This update adds stability, improved surf, and more plants! You can download the update here.

All downloads are available online. However, Digital Element will ship the appropriate CDs to any user for Shipping and Handling alone. For this we will use the US Mail upon request, which is much less expensive for customers outside of the US. Registered WorldBuilder 3.5 users can get a disk with 3.55 and the documentation. WorldBuilder 3.2 users can get a disk with the documentation. Getting the disk costs just $5 plus Shipping and Handling.

For 3.2 users -- upgrading to 3.5 now gets you the manual and the latest version 3.5.5 all on CD for no additional price.

Click here to go to the download section.

February 11, 2003. Surf's Up! The free update for WorldBuilder 3.5 is fast approaching, but we want to give you a glimpse of the new and improved surf in WorldBuilder 3.55 and WorldBuilder Pro 3.55! This is yet another quick and powerful new feature that is unique to WorldBuilder and WorldBuilder Pro. Check back here soon for the 3.55 update

Click here to download the video ( approximately 3.16 MB )

January 31, 2003. Dimitri Habich has created a new library of L-system plants. These plants can be used in the Variator so that every plant is an original. Click here to download ( approximately 382 Kb ) the new L-system library. This library works for WorldBuilder Pro and Standard version.

January 30, 2003. New to WorldBuilder? Try Digital Element's improved tutorials -- available now in interactive and PDF format. Click here to go to the tutorials.

December 5, 2002. LW-WB Communicator™

Second in the Digital Element line of Rosetta Communicator Plug-ins™

This plug-in allows for the seamless integration between LightWave 3D and WorldBuilder Pro 3.5. The plug-in allows scenes from each package to be rendered in its native environment, eliminating the need for traditional importing and exporting. This is a huge advantage in that each package can be used to do what it does best – with the communicator managing both renders and compositing the scenes together into a single scene – sharing lights, camera, and shadows.

LW-WB Communicator works similarly to LightWave's Hub, and as a rendering portal between LightWave and WorldBuilder Pro, users can modify scenes without having to re-import objects for the final rendering. Starting a render in one package prompts a render in the other package. The finished image is a composite of both renders, and takes into account both the a and z buffers.

December 4, 2002. Introducing WorldBuilder and WorldBuilder Pro 3.5

Generate ultra-realistic 3D outdoor landscapes and animations for your movies, games, landscape architecture and design illustrations with WorldBuilder 3.5!

WorldBuilder is the award winning tool for creating and animating the most realistic, natural environments, including landscapes, vegetation, water, and atmospheric effects, including many features never before seen in a 3D landscaping package. For years, WorldBuilder has been at the forefront of 3d landscape technology.

Once again WorldBuilder sets the standard for creating high-definition, animating landscapes.

Boasting many new features, WorldBuilder 3.5 now includes:
  • Rain effects
  • Snow effects
  • Levels of detail for landscapes, up to a maximum of 8K x 8K
  • Easy to use wizards for the creation of rivers, oceans, and lakes
  • RPF file export support
Not to mention constant improvements with other features such as:
  • True 3D Clouds
  • Waterfalls
  • Depth of Field
  • Improved LightWave 3D support
and more!

"For 3D graphic professionals, WorldBuilder has long been the leader in 3D terrain generation..." - New Architect Design Magazine

November 12, 2002. Digital Element has been playing a key role in developing the Animation Annex in Russia. The purpose of the Animation Annex is to help retrain unemployed Russian nuclear scientists in the formerly closed city of Snezhinsk in computer graphics. WorldBuilder is one of the key applications being used and after only a short while, we are already receiving some great sample work from some of the students at the Annex. Here are some examples. To learn more about our work with the Animation Annex in Russia, call us! Users gallery is updated!

September 25, 2002. Digital Element acquired ownership of WorldBuilder this last May. As a result of that acquisition Digital Element is now releasing Part One of the WorldBuilder Manual. It includes several comprehensive lessons as well as installation instructions. Parts Two and Three will include more lessons and a comprehensive reference guide of all the features. Click Here To Download

September 25, 2002. Get the latest update WB 3.21.002. Get the latest update Poser Pro Pack plug-in ( approximately 3.8 Mb) This plug-in works with both Standard and Pro versions of WorldBuilder.

August 27, 2002. Digital Element at DragonCon
Digital Element will be attending Renderosity’s Digital Artist Convention at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia over Labor Day weekend. Digital Element speakers will be talking about Aurora, WorldBuilder, how to make great fantasy scenes, and the state of the computer game industry. We’re proud to have Richard Schrand joining us as a demo artist. For more information, contact don@digi-element.com

Digital Element at Photoshop World 2002
Digital Element will have a booth in Tampa, Florida at Photoshop World 2002 on September 19th through September 21st. We will be providing demos of Aurora and WorldBuilder, as well as our new Aurora for Adobe After Effects, which will be sold through Digital Anarchy. To find out more about attendance please contact Don McClure don@digi-element.com

August 22, 2002. Get the latest update Poser Pro Pack plug-in ( approximately 3.8 Mb) This plug-in works with both the Standard and the Pro version of WorldBuilder.

August 14, 2002. Get the latest update AWB 3.2.005

July 23, 2002. San Antonio, TX -- July 22nd, 2002. At booth 5062 at Siggraph, 2002 Digital Element has announced an August release for a free upgrade to its award-winning 3D modeling and rendering software WorldBuilder...Read full press release.

July 20 , 2002. Come see Digital Element at Siggraph 2002 (San Antonio, Texas, July 23-25). Our booth is #5062.

June 18 , 2002. Digital Element Acquires AnimaTek WorldBuilder™ Oakland, CA -- June 16, 2002. Digital Element announced today that it has acquired AnimaTek WorldBuilder, along with several other key technologies and has outlined a series of products for the remainder of 2002...Read full press release.

May 09 , 2002. Review of WorldBuilder 3.1 at www.insidecg.com. " If creating stunning 3d environments is your aim then WorldBuilder is definitely a solution..."

April 25, 2002. Maya 4.x support for WorldBuilder Pro 3.x is added to our download section.

December 16, 2001. New tutorial: "Making rivers and surfs in WorldBuilder" was added to the tutorials section.

November 12, 2001. Digital Element is proud to present Poser Pro Pack plug-in for WorldBuilder. Now you can Pose characters in super-realistic 3D environments and export to movies and still images. This plug-in is available as a free download for the current version of WorldBuilder.

November 12, 2001. Frog animation tutorial was added to the tutorials section.

November 07, 2001. Allen Whitt Tutorial and Source Pack Volume 1 Now Available Get the ultimate set for learning WorldBuilder!

October 01, 2001. Review of WorldBuilder 3.0 on www.CG-Focus.com

August 12, 2001. WorldBuilder Playable Tutorial 4 is added to the tutorials section. In this tutorial you will learn how to use atmospherics.

August 06, 2001. WorldBuilder Playable Tutorial 3 is added to the tutorials section. In the third tutorial we will add water and will set placing conditions for the material and vegetation so that they will be consistent with the water level.

July 29, 2001. WorldBuilder Plants Variator Tutorial is added to the tutorials section. Plants Variator is one of the most exciting features of WB 3.0

July 27, 2001. WorldBuilder Playable Tutorial 2 is added to the tutorials section. The goal of the second tutorial is to show how to scatter vegetation in areas and how to edit the shape of the areas.

July 25, 2001. WorldBuilder Playable Tutorial 1 is added to the tutorials section. A simple scene is built in this tutorial. Some of the most basic features of WorldBuilder are shown.

July 23, 2001. 3ds max Communication Object tutorial is added to the tutorials section. Learn how to communicate and exchange informations between 3ds max and WorldBuilder 3.0.

June 26, 2001. Digital Element Releases Standard version of WB 3.0! WorldBuilder 3.0 available in two editions: Standard and Professional. Professional version includes MAX-Communication plug-in, Maya export/import plug-ins and has support for network rendering.

May 31, 2001. There is a new technical support line available in English and French, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. Outside these hours you can leave your message in the voice mail and we will call you back as soon as possible.

May 23, 2001. The Resources page was updated with the examples of the high resolution textures included in the WorldBuilder 3.0 package.

February 11, 2001. Digital Element's website is up and running.



WorldBuilder 4 will be at
Siggraph 2004
Digital Element will be sharing the Technical Animations booth.