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WorldBuilder Tutorials

Allen Whitt Tutorial and Source Pack

Volume 1 and 2 Comming in August!

Digital Element is proud to present this extensive tutorial produced by one of the top leading WorldBuilder artists and trainers.

Allen Whitt's 2-CD set contains WorldBuilder projects designed to provide base scenes as well as tutorials, tips, and tricks for beginning users and veterans alike. Through over 6 hours of voice and animated interface capture, you will learn the intricacies of WorldBuilder as only Allen Whitt could teach you.

  • 9 tutorial Projects
  • Over 6 Hours of Playable Tutorials!
  • Extensive Tutorials on advanced features
  • Over 1Gb of Learning Content!
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Sample Images from some of the tutorials included in the
Tutorial Pack Volume 1

Contents of CD 1:

1- Introduction

2- 3D Basics

3d Aesthetics (6:47 min.)
Lighting Cues (6:41 min.)
Fog and Haze (10:17 min.)
Texturing Part 1 (8:43 min.)
Texturing Part 2 (4:18)
Object Cues (4:09 min.)
Motion Cues (4:10 min.)
Color Cues (3:23 min.)
Pattern Cues (7:42 min.)
Object Shape Cues (8:45 min.)
Perspective Cues (7:50 min.)

3- Bryce and WorldBuilder

Creating Bryce Terrains (5:05 min.)
Importing into WorldBuilder (4:16 min.)
Compound Materials (5:14 min.)

4- DEM Terrain

Movie examples
Converting DEM (5:13 min.)
Importing DEM Terrain (8:07 min.)
Createing Grayscale (7:18 min.)
Photoshop Changes (5:37 min.)
Applying Grayscale (6:41 min.)
Add Textures (8:33)
Creating a Noisy Map (3:08 min.)
Using the Bump Map (11:20 min.)
Making a River (9:45 min.)
Motion Blur Batch Filter(2:01 min.)

5- Bitmap Landscape

6- Redwoods

Fog and Volumetric Light (9:06 min.)
Lighting and Clouds (6:35 min.)
Flipboard Deer (4:11 min.)
Redwood Trees (10:05 min.)
Landscape (7:30 min.)
Plants on Rock (2:35 min.)


7- Low Mist

Fog, Haze and Sky (7:50 min.)
Ground Fog (8:38 min.)
Flipboard Trees (2:35 min.)
Swaying Trees (3:33 min.)
Landscape (2:03 min.)
Camera Motion (6:38 min.)
Flickering (3.45 min.)

8- Islands

Sky and Clouds (7:52 min.)
Lighting and Fog (10:21 min.)
Flipboard Birds (5:00 min.)
Flipboard Grass (3:36 min.)
More Flipboard Plants (8:16 min.)
Landscape General (6:16 min.)
Adding Materials (5:41 min.)
Compound Materials 1/ 2/ 3/4 (30:00 min.)
Phong RGB Shader (4:32 min.)

9- Oasis

Sky and Fog (2:45 min.)
Landscape (9:00 min.)
Water (10:00 min.)

10- Alien Garden

Lighting and Fog (5:00 min.)
Clouds (4:47 min.)
Ships (4:51 min.)
Alien Trees (1:02 min.)
Landscape (4:47 min.)
Materials (4:36 min.)
Creating the Water Plane (1:49 min.)

Contents of CD 2:

All the Projects
Sample DEM Data
Over 100 High Quality Flipboards
And Much More!