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Love 3D plants and trees in Photoshop? In SoftImage? Do you like being able to modify the plants and randomize new plants on the fly? Do you wish you could make bigger modifications, like change a texture or make a plant from scratch?

Now you can. With Verdant Plant Mechanic, you have all of the power in an easy-to-learn user interface. You can make your own plants from scratch in minutes using the plant wizard and you can combine different plant parts in any combination to make just about any kind of plant imaginable.

Any level of artists can use VPM

  1. Using the Render Layout Mode, open any Verdant plant or one of the nine preset plants and change the textures and modify any part of the geometry
  2. Plant Wizards let you design custom trees and bushes in minutes
  3. Using the Visual Plant Modeler, you can combine plant parts, add joints and textures to create any plant
  4. Programmers and script professionals can modify Python plant scripts at any time

VPM Includes

  • Nine sample plants

  • Unlimited power to make any randomizable plants using fully customizable:

    o Over a hundred plant textures
    o Nine plant parts
    o Nine joints
    o Twenty four leaves and branches

  • Several wizards for auto plant generation

  • Each plant has dozens of parameters to modify

  • Quick preview rendering lets you see all changes as you make them

  • Three modes of plant manipulation

  • Five ways to make a plant

The Verdant plants you make in VPM work in any Verdant Product:

  • WorldBuilder 4.1 and above
  • Verdant for Photoshop
  • Verdant for SoftImage XSI


  • Verdant for Maya
  • Verdant for Max

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