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Verdant 1.6 new feature:

The new Verdant supports new plants of the upcoming plant technology compatible with WorldBuilder 4.

Verdant is a revolutionary Photoshop plug-in that allows users to randomize, rotate, scale, and place plants and trees in Photoshop.

From any picture you can load Verdant and select a tree. You can then rotate, scale, and place the tree in the picture within a couple of minutes. You can also make a group of trees in any formation instantaneously by using the group mode.


Moments later, you can define one or more light source to define the shadow and a couple more lights for the shading of the tree itself. These lights can be colored.

Now you can customize your trees by modifying their variables to suit you. You can also randomize new trees to get exactly what you like.

Key Product Features:

Embedded Photoshop Plug-in

Verdant is the only tree and plant program to be a native Photoshop plug-in. This saves time and money.

Verdant interface

With other packages you are working with a foreign plug-in and program, snap-shooting it off at what you hope is the right angle and then saving it as a .jpg and importing it. Forget about a shadow meshing with your scene.

In Verdant you load the picture and then manipulate the tree within Photoshop. Press Okay and it rasterizes in the pic.


Rotate, Scale and Place New Plants or Trees
Click on any tree in the library and start rotating, scaling, and placing them in the picture to get the right look. Its easy to make the plant or tree look right in Photoshop – regardless of the angle of the picture.

Import New Plants and Trees
Digital Element and select Greenhouse developers will offer new plants from time to time – you can even request designed custom designed plants!

Multiple Colored Lights From Any Angle
Use Verdant’s easy light spinner to choose the light source. You can choose the intensity and the color of the light to add color highlights. Lights can be set to cast shadows or not to cast shadows.

Verdant trees cast shadows automatically! Any light source can be defined as a shadow-casting lightsource.

Group Mode
Group mode is a feature unique to Verdant that allows users to create formations of plants in order to quickly rotate, scale and place them. You can create and save your own formations or use one of our presets.

Productivity Saving Features!

Three Display Modes
Variable display modes let you look at the plant in wire frame, unshaded, or fully shaded so you can quickly manipulate the trees in wire frame, then modify their characteristics in unshaded mode, then finally place lighting in the shaded mode. Each mode allows for the maximum speed for the task at hand.

Variable Shadow Render Quality
Shadows take a long time to calculate. You can speed up work while you are modifying the shadow by adjusting the shadow render quality. You can keep the shadow render quality on low until you like the angle of the shadow then set it as high as you need and perform the final rendering.

Full Preview Window
Verdant has a full preview window to look at your scene before you press okay.

Each Verdant Plant is Unique

What makes Verdant plants different than regular 3D models?

Verdant plants are dynamic, algorithmically generated.. That means they are not a static model. Why buy five Palm trees when you can have one Palm tree with infinite variations, including age and health.

You can interact with them, changing the number and size of branches, the trunk, the number and size of leaves and more. Each plant has some generic characteristics and some specific qualities unique to the plant.


Verdant Plant List

Plants included in the basic CD

Oak, variant 1
Oak, variant 2
Oak, variant 3
Oak, variant 4
Maple, variant 1
Maple, variant 2
Maple, variant 3
Maple, variant 4
Forest Pine, variant 1
Forest Pine, variant 2
Forest Pine, variant 3
Forest Pine, variant 4
Weeping Willow, variant 1
Weeping Willow, variant 2
Weeping Willow, variant 3
Weeping Willow, variant 4
Coco Palm, variant 1
Coco Palm, variant 2
Coco Palm, variant 3
Coco Palm, variant 4
Big Bush, variant 1
Big Bush, variant 2
Big Bush, variant 3
Big Bush, variant 4
Small Bush, variant 1
Small Bush, variant 2
Small Bush, variant 3
Small Bush, variant 4
Young Fir Tree, variant 1
Young Fir Tree, variant 2
Little Fir Tree, variant 1
Little Fir Tree, variant 2
Old Fir Tree, variant 1
Old Fir Tree, variant 2
Bonsai Oak, variant 1
Narcissus, variant 1
Narcissus, variant 2
Narcissus, variant 3
Narcissus, variant 4

Coco Palm

Forest Pine

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