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Verdant 1.6 released!

Verdant 1.6 is a FREE upgrade for Verdant users!
The new Verdant supports new plants of the upcoming plant technology compatible with WorldBuilder 4. Also, the new Verdant includes 16-bit color and Photoshop CS support and, most importantly, will support plants created by Digital Element's upcoming Plant Mechanic. Verdant Plant of the Month users will be very excited by the new flowers available.

Registered Verdant users can get it for free on Digital Element's registration page.

Welcome to the Verdant Plant Mechanic — Digital Element's new stand-alone product for Verdant.

The Verdant Plant Mechanic lets you build procedural 3D plants. This means that when you build one flower, Verdant can generate an entire bouquet! The Verdant Plant Mechanic employs simple primitives and gives you the freedom to make whatever plant you want.

These procedural plants creates plants that export to 3DS, LWO, OBJ and DXF formats. We are upgrading Verdant for Photoshop and the upcoming Verdant for SoftImage to cover even more formats. Digital Element plans more Verdant plug-ins in 2004.

The Verdant Plant Mechanic is for the PC. The Mac version will be ready in late April.

"If you ever need to add trees to your photo, or CG renderings, Verdant is the solution!"

Verdant is a revolutionary Photoshop plug-in that allows users to randomize, rotate, scale, and place plants and trees in Photoshop. Digital Element, developers of Aurora and WorldBuilder, are proud to provide you with a sneak-peek at this amazing plug-in.

Like Aurora, the premier Photoshop plug-in for clouds, water with reflection, sun and stars for Photoshop, Verdant was created to add 3D natural elements within Photoshop.

Can I do trees at odd angles or a full top-down view?
  Absolutely! You can even create a tree from an underside view. Trees and plants are fully rotatable along all axes and can be as large or as small as you want. The shadows will place themselves however you define them – there are no limitations!

Why is Verdant better than clip art or going out and taking a picture of a tree?
  Verdant saves you time and looks better. Assuming you can find the right tree you want and take a picture of it from the right perspective -- between going out and finding the right tree, taking a picture of it, and masking out the background behind the leaves – you have spent three or four hours to get one tree. With Verdant, you can buy a tree for $50. You can modify the perspective in Photoshop so the angle will be perfect. We can also put a shadow under the tree for you.
What makes Verdant different from other 3D plants and trees?
  Versatility and price -- Verdant plants and trees are algorithmically-generated. That means you can modify the size of the branches, the number of leaves and very quickly generate new trees automatically. Verdant is also the only tree and plant plug-in that is native to Photoshop. You can make all of your adjustments right on your picture. Finally, we will make custom plants and trees for you for about the same price as buying an off-the-shelf-model.

What is the “Plant of the Month? How do I order a custom tree or plant?
  The Plant-of-the-month club gets you a new plant every month. It’s a one-year subscription that gets you 12 plants for just $8.25 per plant. If you need a custom species, just contact sales@digi-element.com and we will find out what we need to know in order to support the species of tree or plant you need.

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