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Digital Element Acquires AnimaTek WorldBuilder™

Oakland, CA -- June 13th, 2002. Digital Element announced today that it has acquired AnimaTek WorldBuilder, along with several other key technologies and has outlined a series of products for the remainder of 2002.

AnimaTek International, a San Francisco-based software company filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2001, leaving the future of several key technologies, including WorldBuilder, in question. In March of 2001, Digital Element secured the exclusive right to develop and distribute the technology and recently acquired ownership of that technology line as well as other technologies.

AnimaTek WorldBuilder is an award-winning 3D package for modeling and rendering realistic outdoor environments. Used in film, computer games, architecture, landscape architecture, as well as by hobbyists and educators, WorldBuilder has a 6-year history of excellence in high-definition outdoor environments.

"This will be a real step forward for WorldBuilder" said Don McClure, President of Digital Element "Digital Element now has every incentive to support and promote this amazing product line. 2002 and 2003 are going to be great years for WorldBuilder."

Announcing today plans for a series of communication plug-ins to increase WorldBuilder Professional's connectivity with other software packages such as Lightwave and Maya, Digital Element is also planning version 3.2 a free upgrade for both the Standard and Professional versions which will be released in 2002, which will not only address user issues but will offer new functionality.

"WorldBuilder 4 is currently in preproduction," adds Mr. McClure, "we do, however, plan an upgrade for WorldBuilder 3 along with additional projects disks and updated documentation. With new features, increased communication with other packages, and a solid user base, WorldBuilder 3 will continue to grow through 2002."

ABOUT WorldBuilder
First published in 1995, WorldBuilder is a high-end comprehensive solution for modeling, animating and rendering ultra realistic, fully functional 3D landscapes for use in computer graphics, architecture, game development and movie production. Its proprietary features allow users to create complex scenes with extensive object and environment interaction. WorldBuilder Pro is available in a Standard version ($399) and the full version ($999). WorldBuilder Pro and AnimaTek WorldBuilder are trademarks of Digital Element, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Founded in 1999 in San Francisco, CA, Digital Element is a software engineering firm specializing in 3D graphics technologies. In addition to its Technology-on-Demand team, which provides 3D programming services to a diverse array of organizations, Digital Element develops and sells software products and services to film and television animators, video game designers, web developers, architects and landscape designers. For more information about Digital Element, visit www.digi-element.com.


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