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Don McClure
Digital Element

Digital Element Ships WorldBuilder Pro™ 4.0 on August 1st

EMECSTUDIOS And Digital Element Team Together To Add Features, Redesign Interface, Improve Usability and Documentation

OAKLAND, CA (June 11th, 2004) Digital Element, an Oakland-based software development firm specializing in 3D outdoor environments and digital nature, announced the July release of WorldBuilder 4 Professional. WorldBuilder is the premier landscape design tool that handles both terrain and plants and offers high-definition rendering.

WorldBuilder 4 Pro has several new features, including improved lighting, plants, and shadows. WorldBuilder 4 will include a full printed manual and numerous animated tutorials, designed by EMECSTUDIOS. “WorldBuilder 4 will change the way you think about building your world.” Says Davy Buenckens, founder of EMECSTUDIOS “We have added and refined a lot of tools to give you more freedom for your creativity.”

WorldBuilder Pro 4.0 includes:

  • Verdant Plants
  • Redesigned and improved libraries
  • New Material Editor
  • New Grayscale Editor
  • New Interface
  • Improved Light and Shadow
  • Better clouds, grass, plants
  • Improved road wizardss
  • Full documentation and tutorials

“Digital Element has put over a year of time into WorldBuilder 4 after WorldBuilder 3.5 and users have enjoyed the added features in our free upgrade to 3.6.” Says Don McClure, President of Digital Element “with a full printed manual, twice as many tutorials as before, and an enormous amount of improvements in further streamlining WorldBuilder workflow, WorldBuilder will remain the top pick for professionals who need high-definition, animating landscapes.”

Regularly $699, WorldBuilder 4.0 Pro can be purchased by all registered WorldBuilder users for the same upgrade price of only $299. A streamlined version of WorldBuilder Pro called WorldBuilder Pro Genesis will ship later in July and will retail for only $179. It will have all of the power of WorldBuilder Pro for scenes with fixed cameras and basic animation.


First published in 1995 as AnimaTek World Builder, WorldBuilder Pro is the high-end comprehensive solution for modeling, animating and rendering ultra realistic, fully functional 3D landscapes for use in computer graphics, architecture, game development and movie production. Its proprietary features allow users to create incredibly complex scenes with breaking waves, volumetric light, wind-blown trees and grass- all on an ordinary desktop workstation. The product comes in Standard, as a stand-alone application, and WorldBuilder Pro, which adds network rendering and plugin-like integration with other 3D packages including 3DS Max and Lightwave 3D. It is priced at $699 for WorldBuilder Pro and at $179 for the upcoming WorldBuilder Genesis. WorldBuilder, WorldBuilder Pro, and WorldBuilder Pro Genesis are trademarks of Digital Element, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Founded in 1999 in Oakland, CA, Digital Element is a software engineering firm specializing in 3D programming capabilities. In addition to its Technology-on-Demand program, which provides 3D programming services to a diverse array of organizations, Digital Element develops and distributes software products and services to film and television animators, video game designers, web developers, architects and landscape designers.


EMECSTUDIOS NV is an animation studio located in Belgium.
EMECSTUDIOS produce dynamic video reels to short animated movies (cinematics)
but they mostly like to work on their upcoming cartoon 'Mantania', a creative cartoon loaded with funny characters. The company was founded in 2000 and is held by Davy Beunckens, the president of EMECSTUDIOS. He is graduated as an architect but his passion for animation was already born in 1994.

For more information about Digital Element, please visit www.digi-element.com.


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