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Don McClure, president
Digital Element, Inc.

Digital Element Announces Release of Verdant™

A Plug-in that Creates 3D Plants and Trees for Photoshop

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 8th, 2003) from Booth 2855 at the National Convention of the American Institute for Architects, Digital Element, an Oakland-based software developer and publishing firm specializing in art tools, announced today the release of Verdant for Photoshop, a revolutionary Photoshop plug-in that creates 3D plants and trees, with shadows, in Photoshop.

This plug-in is the first of its kind, allowing architects, landscape architects, and others to add trees and plants to pictures in a realistic way without resorting to clipart or importing from non-native 3D programs. The trees and plants are fully 3D and can be rotated, scaled, and placed in the picture. An easy-to-use lighting model that allows for multiple colored lights creates the right lighting for trees as well as casting shadows.

Verdant plants and trees are different from typical 3D models in that they the can be “Variated” -- randomized. Users can choose the age, density of branches, leaves, and more by making simple selections. Branch and leaf placement and all other characteristics vary, much like plants and trees vary in nature. Users can have just one model and not worry about “billboarding” the same tree over and over.

“Digital Element went to several architects and landscape architects in 2001 and took a look at how they developed presentations.” says Don McClure, President of Digital Element “what we saw was that a lot of clients were looking at mock-ups done in Photoshop. Landscape architects were using clip art and trying to match it to pictures. The quality was mediocre and it was taking them a lot of effort to get there. Verdant makes all of that easy now – just find the model for the plant you need, place it in the picture, add some lighting, and you’re done.”

Verdant is not the first Photoshop plug-in released by Digital Element. Aurora offers 3D skies, haze, and water with reflections within Photoshop.

Verdant grows above other 3D tree products with its versatility and price. Verdant is the only 3D tree package to offer a native Photoshop plug-in. Verdant plug-ins are planned for Maya, 3ds max, and LightWave, with tree and plant models being universal for all of the plug-ins. No plant library can ever be complete – the Burpee seed library offers over 60,000 plants. For this reason, users can order custom trees or plants from Digital Element or from either of its new Greenhouse partners – authorized Verdant botanists who can design new plants.

Verdant also differs from others in its price – at $199, Verdant costs almost half of the leading 3D tree plug-in and ships with 35 variations of a number of trees and plants as opposed to 10 plants from others – each Verdant plant being able to be randomized into an infinite amount of variety. Additional plants and trees are only $50, compared to $100 from others. Digital Element is also offering a “Plant of the Month” subscription for only $100 per year (about $8.25 per plant) and offers custom tree or plant design for only $200 per plant through both Digital Element and its Greenhouse Partners.

Verdant will be demoed and sold throughout the AIA tradeshow. The Verdant pages of www.digi-element.com will be available by mid-May. Verdant will be able to be ordered online as well as through many of Digital Element’s quality resellers.


Founded in 1999 in Oakland, CA, Digital Element is a software engineering firm specializing in 3D programming. In addition to its Technology-on-Demand program, which provides 3D programming services to a diverse array of organizations, Digital Element develops and distributes software products and services to film and television animators, video game designers, web developers, architects and landscape designers.


Verdant, Aurora the Natural Plug-in, and Digital Element are all Trademarks of Digital Element, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Photoshop is a Registered Trademark of Adobe. 3ds max is a Registered Trademark of Discreet, Maya is a Registered Trademark of Alias|Wavefront, LightWave is a Registered Trademark of NewTek. Burpee is a Registered Trademark of the Burpee Company. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.


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