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Digital Element, Inc.'s mission is to create top-quality computer artwork, software, and tools for computer artists and developers.

Digital Element, Inc. develops and publishes high-end art tools and plugins
that recreate nature on your computer. WorldBuilder Pro and WorldBuilder
Genesis, stand-alone packages that create 3D animating scenes, are at the
top of the industry in terms of detail and power. Digital Element's
photoshop and After Effects / Final Cut Pro plugins, including Aurora,
Verdant, and Modelshop, allow Adobe users to create compelling nature
effects easily and organically within 2D applications.

Digital Element, Inc. can work with a wide variety of established and
emerging platforms. We specialize in high end 3D and 2D visualization work,
BREW and Java development, cross-platform and proprietary-platform
development, and low-bandwidth internet projects.

Digital Element, Inc. also creates custom software for PC, Mac, and mobile and custom artwork for landscape architecture, film, and computer games. Our team has created graphics libraries for Playstation as well as developing both original games, award-winning cinematics, and custom software for medical applications.

Mission Statement

Building on a 10-year history of development excellence, Digital Element
develops customized visualization tools and mobile phone applications for
medical, defense, games, architecture, and other industries.

As a software publisher, Digital Element understands every step of the
development process and can add expertise and provide support in product
design, engineering, documentation, packaging, distribution, and customer
support. Digital Element is an authorized developer for over a dozen
operating systems and proprietary applications including:

Key clients include Discreet, INS, Blue Lava Wireless, Lawrence Livermore
National Lab, and the Department of Energy. Digital Element ports software
between platforms, builds adobe and art tool plugins, builds databases and
ASP applications, and builds stand-alone art tools.

Digital Element, Inc. is located at:

3216 Hancock Pl
Fremont, CA 94538

In an effort to save on paper waste, Digital Element does not consider unsolicited vendor information or resumes faxed to our offices.

Sales and marketing: Don McClure
E-mail: sales@digi-element.com