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Registration Info:

Thank you for buying a Digital Element Product!
Now that you have installed it,
Let’s unlock it so you can use it.

To run most of Digital Element’s products, you don’t just need the serial number, you need a license number. You obtain the license number here – choose the product and Operating system, press continue and fill out all of the information.

The e-mail address you give us will be used to send (almost immediately) a confirmation e-mail with your license number.

Most Digital Element products are registered either from the Help submenu or from the About button. There will be a register button. Select it to insert the serial number and the license number. You are a registered user if our database has valid information for all of the fields. Only registered users can receive free customer support. We will not replace license numbers for most of our products – you need to write down the serial number and the license number somewhere (not on your computer) and save them. We won’t replace them.


A Serial Number is a number you receive when you buy the product – either it's in the box or you will receive it in an e-mail if you downloaded the product. It always has a dash in it. You need to enter the serial number with all of the numbers before the dash, then the dash, then all of the numbers after.
123-456789876 is an example.

A License Number is the number we e-mail to you after you register. It looks something like this: 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 -- always enter the number with all of the spaces.

If you need to install ModelShop on another computer you need to completely uninstall it from your current computer. You can then enter in the serial and license number and unlock it on the new computer.

Contact support with any problems that this information doesn’t cover.

Please Install your product completely before registering this software. The software will run in either reduced-feature mode or 30-day trial mode until you register. We highly recommend that you register only after the product has been successfully installed and been run.

Recover your License Number
Registered users can enter their serial number
and have the license number sent to their registered email address.

My e-mail is
My serial number is

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