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Modelshop Features:

Import most common model types.

Modelshop supports any OBJ, DXF or 3DS file and most LWO files. Sequences with multiple child objects can be loaded and the children turned ON or OFF. Animating sequences can be loaded and any frame sequence chosen. Models may be textured or untextured. Performance of Modelshop depends on the complexity of the imported model.

Rotate, Scale, and Place objects

Modelshop makes it easy to rotate, scale, and place objects in a scene. Simple modal buttons let you choose manipulation mode. Objects can be moved along all appropriate axes. Objects can be scaled freely.

Shadow Support

In Modelshop, users can add Shadow Planes which set the angle and position shadows will be cast on. Multiple shadow planes can be added. They can be used to represent walls, the ground, and flat surfaces. Objects can cast shadows on each other.

Lighting Support

Modelshop lighting works similarly to Verdant lighting. Lights can be colored and set to either be shadow-casting lights or non-shadowcasting lights. Light intensity can be set in the software.


Includes 50 models

Modelshop ship with over $5,000 in models from Digimation’s Model Bank ™. Models include automobiles, furniture, street signs, boats, planes and more. Below are pictures of some of the models found in Modelshop.

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