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Try the free demo

Installing the PC Version

After you click on InstallModelshopDemo.exe an installation dialog should appear. Follow the installation instructions. If you chose standard pathways for installing Adobe Photoshop, then choose the plugin directory as you target directory. For Photoshop 6, that would default to:
Program Files\Adobe\PhotoShop 6.0\plug-in.
If you have a custom path to Photoshop, then make sure you install in the Plug-in directory under PhotoShop. The installer will create a 'Digital Element' folder and within it an 'Modelshop' folder.

Installing the Macintosh Version

Double-click on InstallModelshopDemo.hqx. When the archive is unpacked a folder named ‘Digital Element’ will appear in addition to ModelshopUnpack.sea file. Move the ‘Digital Element’ folder to the directory where plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop are located (PhotoShop 6.0\plug-in if you chose standard pathways for installing Adobe Photoshop). Remove ModelshopUnpack.sea.

Modelshop User Guide (PDF, 1.35 MB)


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