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A practical creative tool

Aurora Water allows you to create realistic animated water. This plug-in gives you a wide variety of effects that are substantially different from other water plug-ins.
Aurora Water is the perfect tool for creating animated water with waves, reflection, and refraction in your AE or FCP composition when you don’t have the time, skill set, or tools to build them in a 3D program. It also keeps you safely tucked into AE’s production pipeline, so you don't deal with render or import issues.

Aurora Water is a practical and creative plug-in for digital compositing, landscape and traditional architecture, game development, web design, and basically anyone who needs animated water.

Photo-Real , InteractiveWater

Play (avi, 711 kb)

Aurora Water allows you to create realistic water. This plug-in gives you a wide variety of special effects that are substantially more powerful and flexible than simple water algorithms.

Underwater Effects

Play (avi, 492 kb)

Aurora Water lets you go below the surface. Light from above (“God Rays”) shine down into the depths. Objects become distorted in the water based on the turbulence and other factors.


Play (avi, 958 kb)

Integrates with Aurora Sky

Enhance scenes with dynamic Aurora Sky with seamless integration with Aurora Water.

Aurora Water allows you to create skies with a sun, moon and clouds both by using its own controls and by importing Aurora Sky output files. The imported skies can be animated with Aurora Water’s standard controls.


Use the 3D Camera Tools

Play (avi, 1.44 Mb)

Aurora Water works in 3D space, both its own and After Effect’s. The built-in camera can fly throughout the vast world within the plug-in, using all the standard axis controls.
Aurora Water is built to utilize AE’s 3D camera (5.0 and later). As you move or turn the After Effects camera, Aurora will update its environment as a seamless part of the scene. This integration makes it simple to composite other 3D objects over the water and skyscape created with the plug-in.

3D Object Layers

Play (avi, 3.11 Mb)

Radial Waves

Play (avi, 314 kb)

Using radial waves, it is easy to add interaction between objects and the water, whether it’s rain or a pebble hitting the surface of a lake or a character walking on water.


AVI files require DivX codec

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