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Aurora Water is a unique After Effects plug-in which lets you create circular waves, add reflections, refraction, volumetric light rays and submerged objects. Aurora Water simulates all water types, from ponds to oceans.

Aurora Water
is designed to work in close conjunction with Aurora Sky, Digital Element's other natural plug-in for After Effects. Aurora Water differs from other water plug-ins in its specialized ability to simulate interactive surface dynamics. Whether you're dipping an animated character's toe into a pond or sailing an ocean liner, Aurora Water will automatically generate an appropriately scaled ripple or a bow wave."

How robust is Aurora Water in integrating with Video?
  You can place video as a 3D layer inside Aurora Water's 3D space.

The 3D layers will reflect in the water, as will the sky. Additionally, 3D layers underwater will refract with the motion of the water.

Can I use After Effects' camera inside Aurora Water 3D space?
  Aurora allows using After Effects' cameras inside its own 3D space. The built-in camera can fly throughout the vast world within the plug-in, using all the standard axis controls.

Even cooler, Aurora Water is built to utilize AE’s 3D camera. As you move or turn the After Effects camera, Aurora Water will update its environment as a seamless part of the scene. This integration makes it simple to make composite other 3D objects over the skyscape created with the plug-in.

AVI files require DivX codec

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