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A Practical Creative Tool

Aurora Sky is great if you want to create skies and clouds in your AE or FCP composition, but don't want to build them in a 3D program. It also keeps you safely tucked into AE’s production pipeline, so you don't deal with render or import issues.

We see Aurora Sky as a practical and creative plug-in for landscape and traditional architects, game developers, web designers, CG artists, and basically anyone with a hankerin’ for gorgeous skies.

Can I use After Effects' camera inside Aurora Sky 3D space?
  Aurora Sky allows using After Effects' cameras inside its own 3D space. The built-in camera can fly throughout the vast world within the plug-in, using all the standard axis controls.

Even cooler, Aurora Sky is built to utilize AE’s 3D camera. As you move or turn the After Effects camera, Aurora Sky will update its environment as a seamless part of the scene. This integration makes it simple to composite other 3D objects over the skyscape created with the plug-in.

Can I decorate my video or still image with sky effects?
  Yes, you can place video or still image on a layer above the layer which Aurora Sky is applied to. Just make the sky area transparent (it can be done by After Effect's means) so that you can see the new sky generated by the plug-in.

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