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Export 184 Professional

is a plugin for 3DS Max versions 6 and higher that converts 3DS models with animations into JSR 184, a growing mobile phone 3D protocol. Included with Export 184 is an independant player to view models and animation sequences. Source code for the basic version of the player is available to Max 7 Catalyst subsribers for maximum versatility and customization.

“As Discreet set out to provide a 3ds max exporter for the mobile space, forging a relationship with a company that has a strong history of developing and publishing art tools compatible with 3ds max and the mobile application arena was essential…. “Working closely with Digital Element, our internal team was impressed with the quality of code they produced and the schedule they adhered to.... It will bring much added value and functional benefit to the growing mobile game development community."

Dan Prochazka,
product manager for animation software at Discreet

Export 184 Pro 1.7
is available
Registered Export 184 Pro users
can get it for free
on Digital Element's
registration page

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